Einstök Wee Heavy – An Icelandic Scotch Ale!

Normally I don’t write about Beer, but when it’s a Scotch Ale I have to check it out, and man am I glad I did!  I think I have a new favorite beer…

Wee Heavy from Einstök, I think I love you!

The poster for the launch event at Stout in Hollywood!

With Beer and other chilled drinks it’s hard to get a strong smell/aroma on the nose. I don’t know why it is, but with chilled spirits the aroma and flavors close up become harder to smell and taste respectively. Obviously this does not apply to Vodka which is usually chilled, and to beer, though beer isn’t a spirit. Well the taste part doesn’t apply to beer, but the aroma does.

My first glass of Wee Heavy for the evening with a glass that I received for coming.

At first sip this beer is hard to narrow down a flavor profile on, it’s malty in the beginning but as you sip and savor this beer longer you discover more rich notes of chocolate and Cherry and a slight sweetness begins to caress your tongue about halfway through the glass.  In addition to the malty sweetness you start getting really subdued notes of hops and also some subtle notes of Scotch.


Wee Heavy on top of a Wee Heavy coaster.





Color is an important factor of any beer, it helps to identify the type of beer you’re drinking but it also adds character!  This particular Wee Heavy has rich chocolate colors, along with some other dark browns and even a little bit of red in the highlights.
It’s a delicious beer, and it adds to Einstök’s already strong lineup of Viking beers! Definitely a favorite and one to keep in the fridge for a hot day!



Will Wicks IV, the Einstök National Brand Ambassador and our host for the evening!

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