Vestry Comes To Los Angeles! (In Partnership With BourbonBlog)

It’s not every day that the attic of one of LA’s oldest public houses gets converted into a members only bar, but that’s exactly what has happened at Tom Bergin’s! What once was storage and attic is now “The Vestry” LA’s newest members only bar.

We first heard about Vestry about a year ago when looking up speakeasy style bars in the greater LA area. The lists we found included classics like Good Times at Davy Wayne’s, Lock and Key, No Vacancy, Le Descarga, The Blind Barber, Old Lightning, and of course everyone’s favourite Whisk(e)y bar, Bar Jackalope hidden inside of Seven Grand LA. But a few also mentioned Vestry, which was to be a members only bar separate from Tom Bergin’s.  Now after two years in the making, it’s open!

I was fortunate enough to be invited to check out Vestry and was quite impressed with the space. You’d think converting an attic into a bar wouldn’t leave you with a whole lot of room, but we were pleasantly surprised at how much space there actually was! Vestry has three distinct sections.  First, there’s a foyer and main bar when you climb the staircase and order up a cocktail.  As you continue your journey inside this space, a few paces to your right is what we’re calling “the whiskey room”, where all the gin is kept!



Kidding, this is where their Whiskey collection is on display behind glass to protect it from accidentally being knocked over.  You can have a seat in nice chairs and sit and enjoy a dram or two, or five because the prices for pours here are quite reasonable, especially on some older, more rare Bourbons and Whiskey’s.


Back in the main foyer but just outside the whiskey room is another small staircase that leads you to “The Vestry”, a wide open space with tables and old church pews where you can sit and talk to other members or guest you brought with you.

Membership to Vestry comes in three different marks:

  • The first is their basic membership for six months.  Benefits include, a 10% discount at Tom Bergin’s and access to Vestry during scheduled hours, with a reservation.
  • Next is their standard membership.  It’s the same as the basic, but extended to a full year.
  • Finally, there’s the founding membership. The benefits are similar, but instead of needing a reservation to visit, you’re given priority entry and are allowed to just show up during business hours. In addition, you’re given a “founding member” coin, and get pre-registration for all of their classes and events.

If you’d like more details, or to become a member check out their website.

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