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Whiskey vs Whiskey: Featuring Glenfiddich

Let me start this post, with this disclaimer: I am still new to the world of Scotch and Whiskey, therefore my palette for this is still in early stages of development. As with Scotch and other Whiskeys, where there are usually some tasting notes from the distillery, more often than not, people find their own flavors. 

Waiting for the evening’s rush hour traffic to dissipate, I arrived in Downtown LA at 8:30 for a 9:00 Scotch tasting, with no idea whatsoever where the bar actually was; I only had a name and an address: The Continental Club. Part of the reason I had such a devil of a time finding the bar was because its entrance is subtle,; during the weeknights it’s a small door on 4th St. with no signage, then on Friday and Saturday evenings the entrance is literally through a door in the Alley.

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