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Einstök Icelandic Pale Ale

We don’t normally write about beer, but I’ve fallen in love with everything Einstök sells, and since they’re lineup is so small it’s not a huge chunk of time to write about them.  The Icelandic Pale is one of the most atypical beers of its kind that I’ve ever had in that it doesn’t conform to all the expected profiles of a Pale Ale…

…It’s a tasty beer and surprised me with the fact that it’s not hop forward, though it has somewhat of a bitter flavor the first few sips.  It has a few notes of a sour beer mixed in with fruits and a bit of a malty flavor.

The color is a gorgeous golden yellow similar to Stella Artois, though slightly darker.

Surprisingly we managed to get some aroma on the nose but it was nothing impressive or unique, but rather typical of a Pale Ale.

In all, a great fruit and malt forward beer and one that I will be stocking my fridge with.  Skäl!