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An Evening with Nikka Japanese Whisky in Downtown Los Angeles in Partnership with BourbonBlog

Disembarking the Metro 16 bus at 6th and Broadway, I confusedly walked up and down broadway trying to orient myself, and thrice had to turn around because I was going the wrong direction (or so I thought).  I finally found my destination after about 10 minutes of trying to figure out where the heck it was, Kai Japanese Roots a fairly new sushi and japanese restaurant located in the Spring Arcade Building.  This evening, in addition to our Nikka Japanese Whisky tasting, there was a tap takeover for Angel City Brewery; slight side note a tap takeover is when all of a bar’s taps for draught beer are changed out to different beers from a single brewery.  As I was early, I decided to indulge in a beer whilst waiting to speak to our presenter for the evening, Mr. Jonathan Kleinbart.

Shortly after I made my introduction, our tasting began. The evening’s lineup was stellar and included almost their entire commercially available range.  The Coffey grain, Coffey malt, Miyagikyo, Pure Malt aka Nikka Taketsuru named after Maketsaka Taketsuru the founder of Nikka Whisky and formerly one of the men behind Whisky at Suntory, and the Nikka Yoichi. Each whisky was excellently paired with dish from Kai’s kitchen. Ben and his team did an excellent job of balancing the flavours!

Food pairings for the evening!

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